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PSM Ltd. («Industrial Power Units») is the largest Russian company specializing in engineering, manufacturing and service of special equipment based on diesel engines. The company exists since 2005 and is one of leaders of the Russian market.
Among our projects are:

We maintain our own engineering centre which is undertaking development of new models and continually modernising existing models.

We have two production plants, both situated near Yaroslavl - a factory for diesel equipment in Krasnyi Bor and a workshop for block-containers in Nekrasovskoye. They provide a continuous release of the entire range of more than 360 models!

PSM products are in use in hundreds of Russian and foreign companies operating in different industries: energy, oil and gas mining, construction, agriculture, transportation, housing and municipal services. In total, there are over 7,000 units manufactured under PSM brand and every year 2,000 more appears.

PSM Ltd. divisions are:
Power generation